Trish Hibberd...


is trained in the field of Feng Shui most widely used in the United States, Black Sect. She is a Red Ribbon member of the International Feng Shui Guild and has been certified since April of 2007.

With her many years of practicing Feng Shui, home staging, and wardrobe consultation, Trish has helped control clutter, sell houses, and create serene, balanced environments for living and working. 

Her passion for health and nutrition has spread into the animal kingdom, and she shares her knowledge to help improve the lives of domestic animals.

Holistic Wellness for Dogs | Feng Shui Consulting

Who isn't looking for a little "zen" in their lives? A yen for zen was born from one woman's quest for health and harmony in her own home and life. With a never-ending thirst for knowledge, Trish Hibberd has become an expert on the subjects of Feng Shui, home staging, and pet wellness.

Living In Balance...

Trish at home...


with her husband Todd. They have 2 dogs; Maggie is a 7-year-old Staffordshire mix, and Griffin is a 3-year-old boxer. They live in the historic village of Milford, Michigan during the summer months and Bradenton, Florida in the winter.

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