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Feng Shui uses the guiding principal that energy flows, like wind and water, through structures. When this energy cannot flow freely or is blocked by clutter, there cannot be harmony in many of life's areas. Whether you desire a more harmonious home life, business environment, or wish to sell your home, we can reach your goal! We can even help bring your wardrobe to life through closet sorting by pairing together pieces for a signature look that you will feel great wearing.

Feng Shui
The Chinese art used to improve every aspect of your life by enhancing your environment, according to the principals of harmony and energy flow.
Furniture and accessory placement, as well as color and elements (water, metal, etc.) all play an important role in your family's health, happiness, and prosperity. This 4000 year-old practice can change the way positive and negative energy flows through  your home or business. By applying Feng Shui principles, you can improve relationships, health, and wealth.
Home Staging
If you'd like to increase the selling power of your home by making the inside and outside more attractive to potential buyers, home staging is for you. Homes that have been professionally prepped for sale usually sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes. During your personal consultation, you will receive all the tips you need, whether it be furniture placement or a fresh coat of paint, to give you and your realtor the upper hand.
Wardrobe Sorting
Make the most of your wardrobe by letting go of unnecessary pieces and finding new, exciting coordinates using what you already have in a different way. Trish will help you decide what stays, what needs to go, and what pieces you can add to round-out your wardrobe. Tweak your personal style and feel confident in your clothes again! 
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